Bumble Bee Foods has recalled more than 30,000 cases of tuna that might not have been sterilized properly in the canning process. No illnesses have been reported so far, but the potential danger is large and the products were distributed nationwide.

Consumers should first check the can code on the top or bottom lid. The company says only those can codes that start with the letter “T” are affected. After that, check these products and other identifying features:

  • Chunk Light Tuna in Water (5-ounce with label UPC code of 8660000020 and these “best buy” dates: 02/10/2019, 02/16/2019, 02/17/2019, 02/18/2019, 02/22/2019, 02/23/2019, 02/25/2019).
  • Chunk Light Tuna in Oil (5-ounce with label UPC and this “best buy” date: 02/23/2019).
  • Chunk Light Tuna in Water (4-pack of five-ounce cans with UPC code of 8660000736 and “best buy” dates of 02/9/2019, 02/10/2019, 02/22/2019, 02/29/2019).

Bumble Bee said deviations occurred in a packing plant it does not own or operate, and that if there is spoilage, it could be caused by organisms or pathogens that could result in life-threatening illnesses.

The company says consumers should throw away the recalled product. A company spokeswoman referred all questions about reimbursements to the company’s toll-free line, where a representative said they can help with reimbursements. She declined to give details. The company’s toll-free number is 1-888-820-1947, available 9 a.m.-6 p.m. any day, or check online at