Regeneration has been around since 1981, but has gotten more attention as a number of organizations have funneled money into the research. In 2013, Harvard Medical School received a 10-year, multimillion grant from the National Football League Players Association for an initiative to prevent, treat and study football-related injuries and ailments. Included in the multi-disciplinary effort are treatments that utilize regenerative medicine.

The Mayo Clinic calls the therapy a “game-changing area of medicine,” offering effective therapy for people whose conditions are beyond repair. Experts say the field, which combines cell biology, traditional medicine and physics, holds promise for treating numerous ailments.

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Advances in the field have opened up opportunities for companies such as Applied Biologics, a biotech company that uses regenerative medicine to develop treatments and products. In an interview, company President Edward Britt says the work done in the sector is speeding up the process of healing, so people can “get back on the field, the court or the road quicker and stronger.”

With broken bones being one of the most frequent of athletic injuries, orthopedics is a promising subset of the regenerative field. Britt said that market was a particular emphasis for Applied Biologics, with orthopedic physicians “getting good results” from the company’s solutions.