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Testosterone treatment is now considered a 2 billion industry. And though it is still working for FDA’s approval to treat ageing symptoms, many men profess significant changes in their lives because of testosterone replacement.

Dr. William Reilly; Southlake Texas’ orthopedic surgeon is one of the recipients of testosterone treatment. He described the symptoms he experienced at age 62 as hitting the brick wall. “The level of my energy was significantly reduced. I even feel tired upon waking up in the morning. Most of all, I am experiencing a little brain frog”, Dr. Reilly said.

Over time, the signs of ageing gradually came out. With less vigor to attend his gym sessions, Dr. Reilly’s arms started to reduce in size and his belly gets bigger. “Everything changed when I started my testosterone treatment. I felt better because of it”, Dr. Reilly admitted. Now, he assists in running many testosterone treatment facilities. All because he knows through his first-hand experience that ageing men like him need not suffer much to the effects of low testosterone level. And the good news is; testosterone treatment is now readily available like Spartagen and many others.

Age and testosterone production is directly proportional. The older the person, the lesser will be the testosterone level. Effects of such change are not as abrupt as women’s experience when their estrogen level is reduced. However, they can have similar results like depression, low libido, less energy and bone loss.

Researches were done across the country to unveil what testosterone replacement can do to ageing men. “Subjects who have received testosterone treatment experienced significant improvement in their sexual desire than those who were just receiving placebo”, Researcher Snyder and his colleagues wrote.

Ed Stevens is another person who could attest the effectiveness of testosterone treatment. This resident of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida felt fatigued and depressed when he reached 55 years old. “This is just not like me”, Stevens insisted. He was placed into testosterone treatment therapy which he said helped in restoring his level of energy, improved his libido and made him feel much better.

Studies were also conducted on the effect of testosterone treatment to bone density, mental function, anemia and heart function. And researchers are hoping that testosterone replacement will not only do well on the person’s energy and libido but on one’s bone problems, heart problems and mental issues. As for now users of this treatment are contented with its result on improving the quality of their day to day living during their old age.