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Recent studies show that heart disorders can stem from low testosterone level. According to experts, there is a relationship between low testosterone and heart disease, though they are still searching for factors that identify the link between heart attack and testosterone as well as atherosclerosis and testosterone.

“There can be a specific low investigated event that plays a great role in the pathogenesis of certain illness. This can be a low investigated event like thrombosis that leads to the development of blood clots in one’s circulatory system.  It can be because of an arrhythmia where the person experiences an issue with one’s heart rate and beat. For now, we still can’t conclude whether cardiac illness takes root from low testosterone level and heart disease or from overall poor health”, said Dr. Johannes Ruige from Ghent University Hospital in Belgium.

With such ambiguity in the role of testosterone to heart conditions, it pays to read reviews like Spartagen XT review to understand the role of testosterone to man’s overall health. A study was published on Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism which links testosterone and heart disease. There is a modest association found between cardiovascular incidents of mortality and low endogenous T showing unrecognized beneficial effects of testosterone, relationship with health status and residual confounding.

Testosterone plays a very important role in a man’s sexual drives, being a male sex hormone, It is also important for bone health as well as sperm production. But with low testosterone level there is a decreased energy, erectile dysfunction, lowered libido, reduced bone mass and depression. This is also linked with obesity, alzheimer’s and premature death. Low testosterone level is also prevalent among men with diabetes.

In a recent study conducted in New England (published in England Journal of Medicine), male menopause can be attributed by low estrogen level. Hence, some of these symptoms might actually be because of low estrogen level and not low T level as we often think of. Hence, according to Dr. Jeffrey Life, when planning to get testosterone therapy, you must only trust an experienced, skilled physician who can monitor your blood testosterone level and do digital rectal exam and PSA test. He said that tests are needed prior to treatment since they are needed to protect your health. Hence, it is essential to discuss your health status with your physician and ask everything you need to know about testosterone treatment before you avail for it.