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Do you know that erectile disorder can be a symptom of an even more serious medical issue? In fact, anyone who has ED (erectile dysfunction) without any known heart ailment has greater chances of developing cardiovascular illness over time. Once ED becomes pronounced, the risks and symptoms on heart illness increases. Premature death can also be possible.

ED with cardiovascular illness

On the other hand, men with known heart disorder who experience erectile dysfunction is even worst of all. Anyone who is experiencing moderate to severe issues on erection has 50% chance of being hospitalized for heart illness. Hence, having both erectile dysfunction and heart illness at the same time is most likely to be admitted to the hospital anytime.

Will erectile dysfunction always end up with cardiac issues?

It is a relief to know that ED will not always end up with cardiac issues. Sometimes, this is just one symptom of ageing. However, this does not mean that you will just be complacent about it. If you detect any erection problem, may as well see your doctor and have your heart checked. According to Dr. Emily Banks, one has to be assessed for possible risk of cardiac illness and any issues identified must be treated accordingly. Dr. Banks works as a professor at the National Center of Epidemiology and Population Health at Australian National University. She said that 60% of men ageing 70 years old and above experience moderate to severe ED. This limit one’s sexual activity; leading to possible use of drugs to resolve the issue. And by doing so, face suffer the consequence of side effects as well as the challenge on timing of doses.

What the experts have to say

There are many possible causes of impotence but mostly revolves around erectile dysfunction issue. This is due to an underlying problem on cardiovascular illness according to Dr. Banks. Medical practitioners believe that ED signifies heart illness. Though the reason is still vague, Banks believe that the arteries found on the penis are smaller when compared to those found in other parts of the body. Hence, when they deteriorate, they manifest more issues.

Results of the study

Since the study wishes to give insight on the relationship between cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction, researchers used more subjects (more than 95,000 men) and lower age range (45 years old and above). They even compared results of data gathered in 2006 and 2009 with that collected in 2010. This is to give more credibility on the result. And it showed that men with severe erectile dysfunction are 8 times more likely to develop heart failure compared to those who have no ED at all. Sixty percent of individuals with heart illness will most likely develop heart illness and almost twice more likely to die.

Will drugs help?

There are many drugs in the market meant to treat erectile dysfunction but will this help those with undiagnosed heart illness? Perhaps. Erectile dysfunction drugs help in managing hypertension and is now studied if they favor heart failure prevention too.