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Everybody loves sports at certain degrees. But since men’s passion to it is deeper compared to women, does this simply mean that everything lies on the genes?

A lot of controversies have been thrown to science and gender politics. We have the famed patriarchal system which came into existent because of the belief that women are more physically fragile than men and they are more mercurial too. Many people hold to this philosophy. But when subjected to real world testing and scrutiny, such belief can totally fall apart.

The film “Flipped” shown in 1970 contest that the differences in gender is just artificial constructs. It implied that little girls would play model rockets and footballs and little boys won’t mind playing with dolls unless you tell them otherwise. But Jeffrey Kluger of Times Magazine has a different opinion regarding this matter when he wrote; “Boys and Girls are behaviorally different”. Scientists have confirmed this fact as human brain structures were closely studied as well as the exposure to prenatal hormones.

The long debate about gender differences was questioned further when queries arose as to who is more inclined and passionate when it comes to sports. Take note that the participation and interest in sport is commonly a male thing.

In a survey conducted in 2014 comprising 37 countries, results showed that more men would play some sort of sport than women. This is especially true when it comes to competitive sports like basketball where men are more predominant than women in numbers. Meanwhile, Deaner conducted similar study in 2013 where he found out that males are two times more likely to be interested and involved in sports than women across 50 countries.

According to Kluger, there is an explanation why men are more into sports than women. This has nothing to do with the amount of free time that each one has. Women would rather do something else other than being involved into sports in their spare time like gym workouts, yoga or fitness trainings. But men would like to play if given the chance and the time to do it.

On the other hand, there are not much professional leagues and teams featuring female players that attract female spectators. No one can beat what NBA has achieved, with far greater audience, picking up larger public interests. Even the women’s professional soccer has lesser viewership compared to men’s.

Men are found to be more competitive than women too. In fact, there are large numbers of men who finished the marathon running. This means they run to win.

There are many evidences that show sport as a manly thing but this does not mean that some women are not sports enthusiasts as well.