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Choosing a player for fantasy football premier league can be easier said than done. You will need to look at set pieces to get it right. Things like learning who among the players will take penalties, free kicks and corners are very important. They are the ones who have the greatest potential to assist and score more goals. That is why you have to go through the list of players and know what they do in each team if you are a sober manager.

Analyze positions. Check out for players who have been classified wrongly and players on the midfield and up front who will surely add real value to the game.  On the other hand, checking valuations is equally important. This includes the player’s popularity and price tags since these are the reflections of one’s effort in the previous season. However, there are also certain considerations that you have to factor in like a talented player who was undervalued after enduring an injury for just a single season.

Meanwhile, you must also take note of the home and away rotation. Be mindful in selecting none-core players dropping and out from the team week after week. So choose a team which has alternate home and away schedules. With this, you have the assurance that your cheapest and weakest defender is playing at home at all times.

Also, watch out for promoted clubs.  Know that there are cut-price gems which can be found in the promoted team’s ranks. This is especially true if he is a Premier League’s new player. According to experts, promoted teams have their own cut-price gems. This is especially true if he is a new player in the Premier League. It is best to avoid defenders but a player that was newly promoted will create a big impact for relatively little outlay.

So, start writing the names of your defenders, midfielders and strikers. You may choose among the those popular choices, solid citizens or take the risk on the others whose playing ability is yet to be discovered.
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Indeed it can be hard to choose the best player and the least that you can do is to trust in your instinct. For instance, if you compare the nominees of this year’s Premier League PFA Player, it would be very hard to decide who is the best defensive midfielder, striker or attacking midfielders.  Each player has proven their worth to be crowned as this year’s player. But only one of them needs to win. This goes the same way in your choice of player. There are a lot of them out there to choose from but you can’t choose them all. You need to choose whom you think are the best and be confident that you have made the right choice. After all, losing is part of the game. And if you are not lucky this year’s season, you will always have next season to do better.