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Signs of increasing human IQ are evident all over the world. What could have caused such change? Is it really true that every generation is cleverer than their old folks?

It is very common to hear parents commending their children for surpassing their intelligence. Though such boastful remark would mean self-depreciation, parents can’t help themselves but express their awe as they witness the IQ of their children. And this was proven to be true by a study that was published in The Journal Intelligence.

In the said research, a study was conducted by Veena Kumari and Peera Wongupparaj of Kings College London, they analyzed data which result from 405 studies conducted. Their total participants are 200,000, capturing 64 years of study coming from 48 countries in the world. They focused their research on the IQ part of the test and discovered that human intelligence rose to equivalent of 20 IQ points from 1950. IQ tests always have an average result of 100 and 20 IQ point is such a significant growth. Human brain is indeed worth exploring. And sites like Alpha Levo can help you understand this part of the body even more.

Furthermore, IQ was found to upsurge most in developing countries like India and China, having the highest leap. There is also a steady increase of intelligence on developed countries like US.

What happened that caused sudden surge of human intelligence? There are many theories behind these but none of them are yet proven”, says researcher; Robin Morris.

Education can be one factor that has to be pointed out. People are now in school longer. There is also an evolution of teaching method, going beyond simple memorizing of dates, names and facts. Hence, we could say that education today makes people think better.

Another theory is that people in our days are more visual compared to humans 100 years ago. This has been linked to exposure to video games, television, advertisements and symbol proliferation in many workplaces which made it easier for today’s test takers to identify patterns and decode visual cues.

Another factor worth considering is the child’s nutrition. Prenatal nutrition determines the child’s birth weight which will have great impact on the child’s IQ. Iodine for instance can stunt intellectual development when inadequate, especially among growing children. This was cited in China where a study conducted in 2005 showed that children with low IQ scores are those groups having iodine deficiency.

Burt amidst all these theories, researcher Robin Morris has one thing to say; “Why aren’t there any very smart people floating around as it did in the past?” His answer to this question is; “Smart people can be hidden around the corner but they can be concealed since science has become very specialist”.  These people can be working on their own field and are doing amazing things but are not identified for being such”, he added.

If all theories mentioned are correct then there are more geniuses out there who are left unrecognized.