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Jennifer Connel filed a case against her nephew four years after a forceful greeting was done by the child. The aunt was knocked by the child to the ground when he was still 8 years old and now she came back for her personal injury claims.

During the court hearing, it only took 40 minutes for the jury to come up with a unanimous decision in favor to the child. At the end of the case, people shared the same thoughts and questions; what kind of a person is an aunt who would sue her little nephew and what kind of lawyer would accept a case like this?

“If I am presented with the same case, I may consider the possibility of representing the plaintiff to the court”, Danny Cevallos of CNN wrote. “The entire idea of families suing each other or filing a case against a child can be a shame but this is something that is very common in the world of lawsuits”, he added.

There are other cases where cases were filed against children. One example is a woman who sued a 5 years old child in 1950 for doing a prank that has gone awry. Such case became famous that it became a part of the readings of first year law students. Another example is a Washington state case where the child intentionally pulled a woman’s chair when she sat down, causing her to fall. Such behavior merits a “time out”.

The most recent case against a child is the Connecticut case aunt versus her nephew who was only 8 years old when the incident happened. Though the injury was only a result of excessive hugging, the plaintiff admitted that she was injured, despite the child’s good intention for hugging her.

But how can an 8 years old child survive such case? Majority of these kids do not possess any assets and even have any wallet to open. Personal injury law caters to all people of different ages, whether they are adults or children. This applies to nephews and even to strangers. But one thing is for sure, filing a personal injury claim can be possible. And often times, this case is done for one reason and that is to claim what is due for the plaintiff. Actually, everything boils down to insurance claims.

Whether you are 8 years old or 38 years old, you can be a candidate for a personal injury case. Hence, it pays to be prepared by getting an insurance coverage that covers for the personal injury claim.